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Introducing Wave.

One App. Every guest management tool you need. Wave provides one comprehensive platform that is guaranteed to streamline your business operations.

What We Do


Recurring Revenue

Boost bottom-line profitability instantly. Wave provides an additional profit stream and acts as an insurance policy against downturns. 

The stable, recurring revenue provided by Wave can be leveraged to drive growth and expand your venue. 


Targeted Marketing

We do all the hard work for you. Our network sources Nashville's top-tier patrons and automatically directs them to your venue. Our in-house marketing team will create complimentary materials for you as well. 

Wave also provides you with the capability to directly market to your frequent, high-value repeat customers. Reach out to high-value customers with targeted notifications. `


VIP Patron Services

Wave offers unparalleled experiential services to your highest-value patrons. Additionally, our system is designed for "ecosystem lock," so Wave patrons only go to Wave venues. Thus, we provide you with a huge edge-up over competitors by providing you with exclusive access to our vetted users. 


Data Analytics

The Wave Dashboard makes it easy to track your key metrics. From customer acquisition and retention rates to revenue from Wave Passes, we make it easy to see how Wave boosts your business. 

Wave also integrates with existing accounting and guest management systems, to provide you with a holistic picture of the performance of your venue. 


Growth Consulting

For Enterprise clients, the Wave team offers complimentary growth consulting services. Get insights into how you can further leverage the Wave Platform by hearing from our dedicated team of strategists. 

On an ongoing basis, we'll work with you to develop a custom-tailored growth strategy and help you execute it.


Custom Tool Development

For Enterprise clients, we'll build out any custom tools you may need. From specialty dashboards to existing system integrations, we'll work with you to make adopting Wave as seamless as possible. 

Wave is your tech SWAT team, and we're able to build any white-label applications you can think of to help catalyze growth. 

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