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The Next Generation of Nightlife

Unlock your venue's full potential.

We've built the ultimate, streamlined marketing and guest management platform. Automatically direct high-value patron flow to your venue and kick your profitability into overdrive. 

Our Features

01. Instant Recurring Profit Generation

Whenever a Wave Patron enters your venue, you get paid. Keep up to 80% of all revenues generated by the sale of Wave Passes. Lock in profit the second a customer enters the door through experiential "pre-sales."

02. Complimentary Identity Verification

Say goodbye to underage drinking liability. Wave will verify the identity of all patrons who enter your venue through our mobile ID scanning app. Don't want to scan every time? You have the freedom to pick and choose IDs to scan. 

03. Real Time VIP List + Targeted Marketing

Wave is built to screen over a million patrons annually, and sells Wave Passes to the top 1% of customers. We know exactly who your ideal customers are, as soon as they enter Nashville. Reach them through our marketing capabilities.

04. Next-level Data Analytics Tools

Track growth and customer retention with our analytics tools. From topline revenue growth to holistic factors like customer satisfaction, Wave is bringing the power of Big Data to the nightlife industry.

Our Features


value of a Wave Patron over a typical customer


projected Nashville Wave Pass sales per year


patron identity verification accuracy, with any form of ID

Let's Talk Numbers.

= More Profits. Better Patrons.



- 24/7 Technical & Customer Support

Unlimited Data Analytics

- Targeted and Full-Market Promotional Campaign Tools



- All Flagship Benefits

- Concierge Marketing Support Team
- Strategic Growth Support Team

- Custom Feature Development

Our Plans

Joining the Wave Platform gives you access to our cutting-edge targeted marketing capabilities, data analytics tools, and custom acquisition systems. If you have 1 or 2 venues, the Flagship Plan is for you. If you have a group of venues, contact us for custom pricing and exclusive services.


Oh, and profit is guaranteed for all our plans. We only get paid when you get paid. 

Next Level

Identity Solutions

Wave is identity verification like you've never seen it before. Seamless, fast, and easy to use, Wave is designed to offer peace of mind while allowing your team to effectively screen patrons faster. 

6,500+ Data Points

Our world-class ID scanning technology catches almost every fake ID in just seconds. From pixel-level document analysis to cutting-edge barcode parsing, Wave is the gold standard in identity verification.

190,000,000+ IDs Verified

Our technology has successfully verified almost 200 million identities and has already caught over 500,000 fake IDs. The Wave platform is the largest ID scanning network in the world.

3,600 ID Types

Welcome patrons from around the world with confidence. Wave can successfully verify everything from driver's licenses to passports, including documents from international destinations.

60,000 Member Watchlist

Our national blacklist of individuals known for assaults, chargebacks, drugs, and property damage lets you stop bad actors before they cause problems and reduce nightlife incidents by up to 97%.

Faster. Safer. Wave.

Take the pressure off your bouncers with our 100% complimentary guest management system. Instantly verify Wave passes and welcome high-value patrons.

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