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What is a High-Value Patron?

At Wave, we're all about identifying high-value patrons. But what does that really mean?

“High-value patrons spend more money and create the atmosphere that powers your venue.”

Your line management process may already be optimizing for high-value patrons - although it might not be systematically approached. Every time a group is allowed to skip the line is a guest management decision and should be done with a strategic methodology. Wave is engineered to perfect this process using the power of data analytics and mass-effect marketing.

From Bachelorettes to Business Travel, high-value patrons are a cut above the average customer.

It makes intuitive sense that some patrons are worth more than others. There's a massive difference between a customer who buys a single drink, and a group celebrating an event that buys multiple rounds. Relatedly, the "vibe" of a patron has a meaningful, quantifiable impact on the atmosphere of your venue. Thus, you need patrons who both bring the right energy and spend more money. These are high-value patrons, and they play the biggest role in the nightly success and profitability of your venue.

However, it can be difficult to identify real high-value patrons. This is where Wave comes in. Our proprietary partner network and data analytics tools enable us to effectively screen the patron pool and identify your ideal customers. The beauty of Wave is that high-value patrons organically seek us (and, by proxy, your venue) out, creating the ultimate channel sales process. By joining the Wave family of venues, you gain access to an exclusive ecosystem and corner the most valuable market segment.

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